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Save Mr. Peanut

Wilkes Barre Metropolitan Development Corporation stopped the demolition of the former corporate headquarters of Planters Peanuts and now wants to preserve the history!

WBWE 97.5 FM

The money you donate today will help underwrite the operations of the non-profit radio station on the FM channel 97.5 using a low power FM license awarded by the FCC to benefit the community covering Wilkes Barre, PA.

Latest News and Updates

2024 Pennsylvania Polkafest
A Huge Success!

The 2024 Pennsylvania Polkafest, sponsored by Mrs. T’s Pierogies, was a tremendous success, building on the momentum from last year’s inaugural event. Held at Genetti’s Grand Ballroom in Wilkes Barre, the festival drew an even larger crowd, with over 600 enthusiastic attendees celebrating the vibrant polka culture.

The night was filled with lively music, energetic dancing, and memorable performances by legendary acts such as Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra, Joe Stanky & The Cadets, and John Stanky & The Coalminers. The delicious traditional foods and drinks, along with the warm, community atmosphere, made this year’s Polkafest an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

Wilkes-Barre Metro Film Office Leading Expansion of Industry in NEPA!

Exciting news for the Wilkes-Barre/Luzerne County area! The Wilkes-Barre Metro Film Office, an official DCED partner, is here to promote the film industry in our vibrant community. Dedicated to supporting filmmakers and boosting local economic growth, the Film Office is your go-to resource for all things cinematic.

Lights, camera, action – Wilkes-Barre is ready for its close-up!

Wilkes-Scarre Weekend 2024 Coming Soon!

Get ready for the spookiest event of the year! “Wilkes-Scarre” Weekend 2024 is set to be the hottest Halloween celebration in downtown Wilkes-Barre, PA. Enjoy family events, costume contests, ghost tours, and hottest nightlife! Highlights include the spectacular Halloween Parties, and annual Zombie Crawl!  Dates, sponsors and specific events to be announced SOON!


Wilkes Barre Metropolitan Development Corporation (Wilkes Barre Metro) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit recognized and registered with the IRS with all donations being tax deductible in accordance with your accountant. 

Wilkes Barre Metro undertakes voluntary endeavors to create economic growth, to host events for the community celebrating the legacy of individuals, to embrace historic influencers and to preserve the historic architecture of our area. 

Wilkes Barre Metro’s executive board oversees endeavors that are supported by advisory boards that have direct oversight for certain areas of our mission.

A Low Power FM radio license was granted a construction permit and Wilkes Barre Metro was recognized by the FCC as a worthy community non-profit to award such a license.  WBWE LPFM was put on the air located at 97.5 FM for the Wilkes Barre community. The radio station also celebrates the inventor of radio by Wilkes Barre’s own, Father Joseph Murgas.

Wilkes Barre Metro’s Film Office works with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and other statewide film offices to help promote the growth and jobs created in the film industry working directly with major producers and studios from Hollywood to New York City and also assists many smaller film producers. Wilkes Barre has deep roots in the movie industry. The Mankiewicz family – pioneers in the Hollywood movie industry as screenwriters and producers have a family connection to Wilkes Barre – especially Joseph L. Mankiwicz being born in Wilkes Barre. Jack Palance, a Hollywood favorite, was born, raised and maintained a home in the Wilkes Barre area.  Lyman H. Howe a pioneer in movie production maintained his studios and mansion on Riverside Drive in Wilkes Barre.

Projects like Planters Peanuts have been sustained by Wilkes Barre Metro’s perseverance, interest and endeavors for preserving the historic significance of Mario Peruzzi and Amedeo Obici – owners and founders of Planters Peanut and Chocolate Company. Wilkes Barre Meto continues to look for support for obtaining ownership of the original corporate offices of Planters Peanuts on South Main Street to create a museum and contribute a landmark to help tourism.

Other projects that Wilkes Barre Metro has continued to promote and will continue to pursue investment and growth in an advanced digital broadband network with fiber optics including the network support of a data center on the core twenty block grid within the City of Wilkes Barre through abandoned city steam pipes, manholes, and central office. Additionally, the unique location of a Wilkes Barre Metro building is located directly above flooded abandoned coal mines make a feedstock for Rare Earth Elements while clarifying Acid Mine Drainage.

With the Covid pandemic, WB Metro has taken the lead in educating and training various segments of the economy to preserve jobs and helping our area as well technically supporting on a national level with the rollout of CovidSafe(TM) training and certifications with Ready Training Online – view more on COVIDSAFE.US.